Leadership isn't doing one thing perfectly, and it can't be taught in a day.

Leadership is the art of doing a thousand things better, from clearer decision-making processes through inclusive performance development to building better organizations. Becoming an effective leader requires long-term commitment, and Duha sees leadership development as an ongoing process. Our offerings are tailored to meet you and your organization wherever you are on this journey.

Swimmer diving under water

Leadership for Everyone

Don't wait for someone else to invest in you

Three hands holding a sea star

Build Successful Teams

Level up your organization and bring your leadership together

Waterfall over rocks

Executive Coaching

Customized support to take you on the next step of your executive journey

Alligator on pavement

Risk Management

Understand how to think and communicate about risk

Waterskier masked by spray

For the CISO

Leverage Andy Ellis’s 20-year experience building a world-class security program

Speaking Engagements

Expert insights on leadership, internet safety, risk management, decision making, and security governance

For the Board

Know how to communicate around cyber risk