Board Director

Whether you’re an experienced Director, newly-appointed, or seeking your first Board seat, improving your risk understanding and knowing how to communicate around cyber risk with your executives, will both be critical to the ongoing success of the company you oversee.


Whether you’re a startup CEO seeking to scale up your business and leadership team, a CEO of a mid-sized company seeking to guide your team to a higher level of performance, or an enterprise CEO seeking to improve the risk management practices of your C-Suite, we’ll meet you where you are and take you to the next stage.


CISOs face triple challenges of managing risk, managing their organizations, and managing executives and the Board.  Leverage Andy Ellis’s 20-year experience building a world-class security program to help you build your own scalable, effective security organization. The cybersecurity career field can be challenging technically and operationally. Leadership and communications skills are the force multiplier that will enable you to build a truly scalable, world-class organization.


All C-Level executives, and their executive teams, need leadership coaching as well.  In addition to the specialized risk programs offered to the CISO, CEO, and Board, our executive design and executive coaching programs will improve your outcomes, and help make your organizations more effectve.

Organizational Facilitator

Professionals tasked with improving organizations (from HR teams to Chiefs of Staff) can use our offerings to drive effective organizational change. Improve your leaders’ toolkits as well as advancing the leadership culture of your organization.


Perhaps you aren't an executive, but you've already started your leadership journey. You shouldn’t be on your own for professional development. Don’t wait for your organization to invest in your future. Duha offers affordable development programs that will accelerate your personal leadership and career growth.